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What We Provide?

Threading is generally referred to as eyebrow threading (for its ability to shape perfect eyebrows) is a 6000 year-old Indian technique. Threading is 100% natural hair removal method which uses an ordinary cotton thread which is skilfully manipulated over the area of the unwanted hair, removing the unwanted hair right from the follicle.

For those who are imagining- no there are no needles involved, threading uses only a simple cotton thread :) Unlike any other techniques, threading is far superior and holds a very high respect around the world especially for facial hair for the following reasons. Accuracy- Threading can remove a line of hair with extreme precision or target a single hair amongst millions. This makes threading by far the most popular method for eyebrow shaping around the world. From Bollywood to Hollywood, threading is trusted by names like Aishwarya Rai, Brad Pitt, Glen Close, Reese Witherspoon, Liz Hurley, Heather Graham, Cher and Selma Hayek.

Our Vision

  1. » Become the world’s largest retailer of brow shaping products and services.
  2. » Develop and promote the demand for Zeba Beauty products and services to the beauty customer
  3. » To build a world class reliable brand.
  4. » Create and promote strategic opportunities for Zeba Beauty business partners.


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