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Shapes business concept and Benefits

Zeba Beauty is probably the only brow shaping franchise opportunity available.

The SHAPES concept is a simple: Our focus is on providing makeovers including brow shaping, eye makeup and body art. Franchisees own and operate beautiful “KIOSK boutiques” in high traffic locations in major malls, selling brow shaping /makeover services, a complete range of temporary body art services , ear piercing and a range of quality and affordable eye makeup and skin care products at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy In addition, guests who become members enjoy monthly brow treatments at reduced prices.

Then as a shape brow bar owner, you enjoy the benefits of a repeat business which provides steady ongoing and increasing monthly revenue as is proven that repeat visits drive retail sales to exceed normal percentages often seen in the beauty industry.

When you become a Shapes Franchisee, you are joining an industry that is not a trend or a fad. The customer base is not here today gone tomorrow. You are creating a customer for life that recognizes the benefits and acknowledges that until now, there has been no leading brand for brow shaping services. Experienced and successful entrepreneurs who are interested in owning and operating a Shapes franchise must be willing to develop a minimum of 1 location. Our motive is to franchise our business to the right entrepreneurs who have the skill sets and the financial capabilities to build and grow a successful business.

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