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How did it all begin?

It all began with a group of friends sharing a strong desire to make a difference in beauty services and to give United States of America something that will change world of fashion and beauty.

Zeba Beauty wanted their passion for beauty industry and believe in natural & organic procedures. Zeba Beauty did research and analysis to a detail of the American beauty industry, they began to notice the very obvious yet quite commonly ignored facts of the industry.

Surprisingly, after consulting countless beauticians and beauty therapists, Zeba Beauty failed to get a straight answer to the following questions:

  1. » What are the standard eyebrow shapes taught at beauty school and practiced in United States of America?
  2. » What is prescribed to a person wanting to get rid of the unwanted facial hair?

Horrified with the facts derived from their studies based on real life scenarios, Zeba Beauty started gathering information accross the globe to gain all the training they could get from various eyebrow and facial hair experts.

Threading which was started in India 6000 years ago has been extensively used in a huge number of countries for its incredible benefits.

Zeba Beauty first location was started in Columbus, OH during the year 2008. Due to huge support and demand from the community, Zeba Beauty quickly spread from Columbus to accross America.

Zeba Beauty thanks everyone for supporting our initiatives and embracing newer, natural and better way of removing unwanted facial hair. With your continued support we hope to create more jobs in our community and provide our service in areas closer to you.

Thank you for all your smiles and great comments for our work- particularly with the eyebrows; it means a lot and makes our work so enjoyable. Go beauty, go natural”


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